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Sales Training

Phase Selling for Additive Manufacturing is the only sales training methodology of its kind due to the fact that it was was created specifically for the 3D Printer Sales industry--by a top sales producer within this industry.

This highly specialized training is taught through our live and/or virtual interactive workshops and seminars and is supported and reinforced via our accompanying book and E-Learning program. Rookies and seasoned sales veterans alike will benefit from this relevant content. This highly specialized course is ideal for inside sales reps and sales support teams, as well.

Executive Consulting

Additive manufacturing equipment involves a complex sales cycle that is comprised of many moving parts and requires patience, strategy, and persistence. And, as the deals become more substantial, the need for collaboration and a fresh perspective at an executive level becomes greater.  

Our consulting services are driven by our "out of the box" thinking and industry experience, offering a competitive advantage that is frequently needed in the hard-fought deals. Phase Selling offers the competitive advantage you've been looking for!

Keynote Speaking

Selling Additive Manufacturing equipment in this highly competitive industry can be riddled with adversity. For this reason, sales and support teams need to be charged, motivated and challenged, from time-to-time.

As the author of I Go Thru, Chris Harris uses his encouraging first-hand accounts of overcoming adversity to inspire and encourage his audience. He reminds others how "resilient expert power" awaits anyone who does the work, remains positive, and focuses on the goal. This service provides the perfect companion to the Phase Selling training curriculum.