Five Pillars of Phase Selling™ Success

In January 2015 I made a pivotal career shift, focusing all my attention on selling additive manufacturing equipment as my newly chosen profession. I immediately embarked on a quest for knowledge—the practical kind that could help me start selling in the shortest amount of time possible. The absence of sales training material relevant to my industry made for an interesting start. My onboarding year proved to be a mixed bag of epic mistakes, priceless experiences, hard-fought battles, and hard-earned victories.

Selling additive manufacturing equipment was vastly different from my previous profession. Determined to succeed, I decided to create my own practical sales methodology. From that day forward, I began taking copious notes—tweaking, modifying, and adjusting every step of the way. This season of intentional self-discovery resulted in the development of the Phase Selling for Additive Manufacturing system.

This process of selling is the compilation of lessons learned as I strived to streamline the 3D printer sales cycle to an efficient and condensed form. Following the rules and guidelines of the Phase Selling™ methodology quickly elevated me to the upper echelon of 3D printer sales professionals. Now, my focus has shifted towards helping our global partners achieve goals, maintain profitability, and maximize compensation plans. Here are the Five Pillars of Phase Selling™ that will take you to the next level in your sales career if you make the effort to utilize each of them, in their entirety:

I. Two-Day Live Webinar Training

The first and most important pillar of learning the Phase Selling™ process is the two-day live webinar training. Each day is five consecutive hours in length and is highly interactive.

II. Comprehensive E-Learning Course

Once you have completed the live webinar training, you will be given access to the E-Learning course, which is comprised of five modules, each under one-hour in length.

III. Paperback Book and Field Guide

The paperback book follows the same messaging as the E-Learning course and is a great tool for reinforcing and recalling what you’ve already learned. The field guide is a PDF document that outlines the highlights of the book.

IV. Relevant Insights Through Blog Posts

Each blog post is designed to be concise and insightful, ranging between 300 to 500 words per article. We encourage every member of your sales and support team to read these as they are distributed monthly.

V. Monthly “One-Hour” Team Coaching Call

The monthly team coaching call is made available for resellers who have attended the live webinar training. Only one reseller can attend per session since we will be discussing your deals as they directly relate to Phase Selling™.

I encourage each of you who has access to Phase Selling™ for Additive Manufacturing to avail yourselves of all five of our success pillars. Doing so will ensure that your company and your career will benefit greatly.


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“The success that I want for myself, I want for everyone who is willing to do the work!”

— Chris Harris

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